Oh Mag Minimag by Oh Pawlak of Predator Paintball c.1996

Benji's Splash Oh Mag AGD Minimag by Oh Pawlak and a scan from the December 1996 Action Pursuit Games showing an Oh Mag ad.

AGD Minimag with Reverse Retro Valve

Here is a neat Airgun Designs Minimag with a reverse Retro Valve, serial VV00832. This would likely date to 2001.

Testing a Minimag with an Eclipse Electric Sky Splash Kit

Here is an Eclipse Splash Automag I picked up locally in the Electric Sky pattern. I quickly test it before parting it out.

Started filming a few videos shooting misc paintguns today

A table of misc paintguns and equipment that I'm preparing for videos tomorrow.

Classic Automag Valve, Body and Rail highlights from October

Some of the automag parts and pieces that were added to inventory in late October 2014 including Classic Automag valves, rails and bodies.

Modifying a Viewloader VL-90 hopper to withstand pump play

This tutorial shows a few easy modifications to modernize and overcome the flaws of a Viewloader VL-90 hopper. With these simple mods the vl-90 works great!

Robert Turner, his Camo Minimag, the MSPA and NAPRA

Rob Turner's Paintball History from 1991-1995, including his camo Airgun Designs Minimag, Splat 1, Napra MSPA and more.

Canadian Contingent Engraved Minimag body

This engraved minimag body was owned by Doug Funicelli out of NJ.