Breech Drop Carter Machine Stock Class Line SI conversion

This stock class Line SI conversion was built by Carter Machine in the early 1990s. Although Breech Drop, I call this nelson pump is a Maximaster.

Sonny Lopez’s Bore Drop Carter Maximaster

Frank from Excessive Force Paintball is selling this Bore Drop Carter Maximaster for Sonny Lopez. This Maximaster is a pretty unique pump from around 1990.

Paintball History at Super Game 45

Here's our paintball marker wall setup at Super Game which we used to spark interesting paintball history conversations.

Maximaster feed Collar vs a Buzzard Collar

Maximaster Bore Drop Feed Collar vs Buzzard Breech Drop Collar

Peter Clark’s ”Red Ryder” Carter Buzzard

pete-clarks-red-ryder Peter Clark called me two weeks ago and sold me his other ''Red Ryder'' Buzzard. It will make a great loaner for pump games!

Maximaster vs Buzzard Feed

I didn't realize that there is supposed to be another day of sales the monday after Black Friday? I am trying to figure out what I can discount now. Probably classic hoppers, drops, harnesses, and maybe some other parts?

Peter Clark’s bore drop Maximasters (c.1993?)

Peter Clark ran Peter's Paintball Pursuit Players Products and had Earon Carter of Carter Machine make custom Maximaster pumps for him.

The PPPPP Maximaster

Pete Clark of ''Peter's Paintball Pursuit Players Products'' with his Carterized bore drop nelson. Pete would buy used and new bore drop nelsons from Taso and take them to Earon Carter to covert into stock class guns with stainless bore drop snubs. Pete sold these guns to players in his pump group in Southern California and called them ''Maximasters.'' Pete estimates he had Earon perform this conversions to around 70 guns.

Carterized Line SI Bushmaster – Maximaster

a Maximaster and these Bore drop nelson pumps were built by Earon Carter and sold by Peter Clark. More details here: