Kermode Concepts (KC)

KC No Hot Shots Paintball Regulator and Southport Reg Disassembly Videos

I recorded this video a while back showing the disassembly and reassembly of a Southern Pneumatics Southport / KC...

Rebuilding KC No Hot Shots, Sheridan and Southport Regs

A look at a few Sheridan KC No Hot Shots, Sheridan RG-1 and Southern Pneumatic Southport Regulators broken down and what orings are used for the rebuild.

K-C Delrin Pumps for Line SI Bushmasters and Tippmann SL-68 1s and 2s

More well known for his K-C Trouble Free Oil, David Kermode, of Kermode Concepts, also produced K-C Delrin Pump handles for nelson paintguns around, c.1989.

Early 90s Full Block Autococker Dimensions

A look at the dimensions on an early 1990s Full block Autococker. The length of the pump rod, cocking rod, actuating arm, bolt and main spring are shown.

K-C No Hot Shots’ Gas Through Grip on Mags and Cockers

Some photos of K-C No Hot Shot's Accessories including the Gas Through Grip assembly mounted on Autocockers and Automags and some history on Kermode's regs.

Navarone Autococker with a K-C No Hot Shots Bottomline Female Reg

I've been talking with Dave Kermode recently, who sent me a few of his K-C No Hot Shots Bottomline Regulators which I've mounted on this Navarone Cocker.

KC No Hot Shots Reg on a Phoenix

A KC No Hot Shots Regulator on a Southern Pneumatics Phoenix.

A Southern Pneumatics / No Hot Shots Regulator

A Southern Pneumatics / No Hot Shots regulator from Eric Scott with a Phantom Revolution seal sitting on top.