Jorge Cervantez

Bacci Mountain 2014 Recap!

Some screen captures from videos I recorded this weekend at Bacci Mountain 2014. We had around 20 players and played stock and open class pump.

So Cal Stock at Field of Fire – December 2013

So Cal Stock took over Field of Fire for out December 2013 Stock Class Game. This game had some awesome action!

Ted “The Icon” Martinez, Trick Shot World Champion

Ted "The Icon" Martinez, Trick Shot World Champion, demonstrates how to properly win a one on one match at Spring Pump Event West in Bakersfield California.

Jorge Cervantez, 2002 Trick Shot World Champion

Trick Shot World Champion, Jorge Cervantez shows off some of the moves he used with his deadly accurate Termite to win the title in 2002.

The greatest paintballer of the 1700s, James O’Claire

Step into the world of an old school paintballer, James O'Claire's world. He's been paintballing since apparently the 1700s with his nelspot 007 pump.

Jorge Cervantez shoots the Navarone Autococker

Tim Firpo and Jorge Cervantez show off and then Shoot the Navarone Autococker.

Jorge Cervantez’s favorite Trick Shot setup

Jorge Cervantez covers one of his favorite trick shot setups in this satirical video.