Jim Anderson

A “Highly Irregular” Nelson Nelspot

A Nelspot decked out with mid 80s upgrades including a short changer, from a player on the Highly Irregulars in Pennsylvania.

Kevin Donaldson remembers Jim Anderson aka Capt Bo Peep

Kevin Donaldson and I filmed this short video interview about his friend and teammate, Jim Anderson, capt Bo Peep, back in 2012 at CPX.

3rd annual US to UK Tour Patch for May Mayhem Games in 1991

The 1991 Mayhem Games likely marked the first year that American teams were allowed to compete in the UK Mayhem Masters.

Kevin Donaldson, Danny Weisel and Jim Anderson in June 1990 PSM

Kevin Donaldson, Danny Weisel and Jim Anderson are pictured at the 1988 Air Pistol Open where the Master Blasters were playing against the Wild Geese.

Tim @ PaintballTek removed the stuck Automag barrel from Bo Peep!

Tim Firpo saves the day once again by removing the stuck Automag barrel from Jim "Captain Bo Peep" Anderson's Automag.

SP AA Barrel removed from Jim Anderson’s Bo Peep Automag

Tim Firpo, at Paintballtek.com helped me removed the barrel from the Bo Peep Automag using he technical expertise.

Medallion Team Registry and Custom Emblems – Captain Bo Peep

A scan from Paintball Sports International on the Medallion Team Registry. The example shows Bo Peep and his flock of sheep.

Beat Nelspot 007 loaner with Short Change

A loaner nelspot 007 with a short change 12 gram changer. The short change is one innovation created by Jim Anderson of the Wild Geese/Master Blaster.

New Hampshire Wild Geese

A patch from the well known team, the Wild Geese of the North East.

Kevin Donaldson Interview videos

Catching up on editing some video footage from earlier last year.  Here is a shot from an interview I...