Jeff Orr

Unknown Autococker body w/ Wire Detent and Eye Ridge

An unidentified WGP Autococker body that was machined with an Eblade eye cover ridge and has an NW Feedneck.

Jole “Dead Man’s Hand” Karnivor Pump Handle

WGP Jeff Orr Mid Block Sniper pump handle with playing cards engraved. On instagram Bryan "ecapnation" Keeker commented that "These...

Possible Custom Jeff Orr Minicocker c.1995-96

A look at what I believe is a custom Jeff Orr Minicocker that was likely machine in the mid 1990s and then re built with updated components around 2000.

Mike “The Mouth” Telarico’s Jeff Orr Autococker c.1994-95

Ralph Torrell uncovered and shared photos of this custom left feed Jeff Orr Autococker, which was custom made for Mike "The Mouth" Telarico.

A Custom Pacific / Kapp Autococker or a Jeff Orr Custom?

Here is a elegantly milled custom job I had assumed was a Kapp Autococker but now I'm not sure. It arrived last week and the serial is around 25K.

Matching Autococker serials stamped on a Jeff Orr P Block

A look at the matching serial numbers on the body and back P Block on a Customized Jeff Orr Autococker from the mid 1990s.

Blue Jeff Orr Custom Sniper 3

A neat custom Sniper 3 supposedly cut by Jeff Orr and debuted at the 94 masters then sold to Chris Haggin of Pacific Paintball.

Full Body Jeff Orr Custom Autococker

A full body custom autococker which I suspect was cut by Jeff Orr. Gills are reverse predator and sight rail continues onto the back block.

Jeff Orr Minicocker with Gills

A custom minicocker with gill milling supposedly created by Jeff Orr. The owner was out of New Jersey and played on Turbulence.