Gun F/X

Rick Cendejas’ Early 90’s Ironmen Autococker and Splash Minicocker

Two custom Minicockers courtesy of Rick Cendejas. An original Ironmen Autococker, and a Splash Mini that Rick built himself around late 1993 / early 1994.

RKB Engineering’s Green Machine Minicocker c.92-94?

The history on RKB Engineering Green Machine Minicockers and a look at an early example owned by a Doom Troopers player, with info from Russell Breeden.

Team Sasquatch Pro-Teams Products Micromag c.1994-1995

A Team Sasquatch Micromag engraved for co-captain John Law. This Micromag was built, engraved, and used in tournaments around 1994-1995.

Introduction of the PTP / Gun F/X Micromag?

Still searching for information on the PTP Micromag. Most quotes I've found point to 1994 or 1995 but I haven't been able to find any concrete information yet.

Automag Auto Response Frame Trigger and Sear

The internals removed from a Gun F/X or Proline Airgun Designs Automag Auto Response.

Team Sasquatch MicroMag and Speed Stock

This PTP Micromag, set up with an Arena Arms Speed Stock, belonged to Team Sasquatch Co Captain John Law, aka Lawman.