Force Recon

Lapco Force Recon from the Early 1990s

A look a one of Colin Thompson's Lapco Force Recon pump paintball markers from the early 1990s. This pump is breech drop and electric sky blue.

Rick “Relliott” Elliott’s Stock Class Ghost #25 – Betty, c. 1994

A closer look at Rick "Relliot" Elliott's Lapco Stock Class Ghost, Betty, engraved with number 25. Likely made from 93-94 in San Diego.

Early Lapco History and a late Force Recon

Paul and I visited Colin Thompson and showed his this Force recon. Colin told us about the beginnings of lapco.

Lapco with Sergey and a Force Recon Pump

Today Tim and I visited Los Angeles Paintball Company and here is a Force Recon I purchased several years back.