Craig Palmer

David Coronel’s PPS Swiss Cheese Autococker

A look at David Coronel's PPS Swiss Cheese Autococker that he purchased from Palmer's and built up. This is Craig Palmer's signature Autococker style.

Palmer’s new platform, The Lance Pump (or semi)

A few of the custom Lance Pumps from Palmer's Pursuit Shop that were at SPEW in March of 2015.

Bacci Mountain 2014 Recap!

Some screen captures from videos I recorded this weekend at Bacci Mountain 2014. We had around 20 players and played stock and open class pump.

Stock Class Sterling body and Pro Teams Frame

A stock class sterling body imported from NZ and a Pro Teams Benchmark Sterling Frame.

Palmer’s Open Bolt Typhoon

Craig Palmer's Open Bolt Typhoon and a video on it from Tim at Paintballtek dot com. This Typhoon Semi Automatic is a neat piece of Palmer's creativity.

Lori Wilcox on the Palmer’s Tornado and the Blazer

Lori Wilcox, of Palmer's Pursuit Shop, talks about her early semi automatic nelson pistol, the Tornado as well as the early history of the Palmer's Blazer.

VL-2000 Leif Leather Hopper cover

One of the neatest hopper cover I've seen was this Leif Leather VL-2000 Leather Hopper cover Craig Palmer showed us at Palmer's Pursuit Shop.