45 Elite Expansion Chamber Grip / Euro Frame for Mags, Cockers, VM68s

Recent information has lead to a better understanding of the history behind Pressure Point, Inc.'s 45 Elite frames for Automag, Autococker and VM68s.

T.V.L. (UK) Boxer Automag with a Green Splash (c. 1994?)

A custom TVL Automag Boxer with a green Splash. These bodies were milled in England and very little info is available.

TVL Automag featured in Paintball Mag 11/1995

"SPLASHSeen at TVL, this Automag has an aluminum body, an Elite 45 grip, an Armson barrel, and a Unireg...

UK Colonial Automag Clone

A UK clone of the Automag, the Colonial was produced in the early to Mid 90s by Mick Holdaway's company. They were distributed by TVL and others in Europe.

Gramps and Grizzly, NW and Mick Holdaway

A scan from the May 1990 issue of Paintcheck shows Mike and Lou Grubb, Nicky Wilson and Mick Holdaway at a tournament at Mick's field, Simulated Activities.