John Coleman’s history with the Bushwackers and Carter Machine

John Coleman of the Bushwackers, Carter Machine and Dye remembers his history in Paintball through the late 1980s and mid 1990s.

Keith Collins on Grendel Kahn and his 93 Minicocker

Keith purchased a Minicocker in 1993 and showed it to me at our Mechanical So Cal Stock day in January. It came with the shirt Blue Minicocker barrel.

A Stick Feed Block for the Advantage SI and Ken “Kidd” Hovanian

Steve Brett, aka Mongo, talks about an Advantage SI Stick Feed Setup that Ken "Kidd" Hovanian made and a photo from the Hawaii Cup 1993 event with Kidd.

The Aerostar Econolite, c.1989

Frank Wang's photos and questions about an Aerostar Econolite Nelson pump lead to some backstory on Aerostar and Assault Line.

Shooting the Redux Stock Class Pistol

An overview of the Redux Stock Class Pistol, designed by Steve Mongo Brett, as a modern DD-68 Desert Duck pistol, and Ron Kilbourne's Tiger Stripe vest.

Dealers of Death patch, B&M’s factory team (c. 1993-1995?)

Dealers of Death were, according to Stephen Blair of the Bushwackers, "a very short lived team based out of...

Stephen Blair’s Bushwacker Shirt (c.1989)

Stephen Blair showed off some of his classic Bushwacker gear including this awesome Wacker shirt.

Unknown Bushwacker Patch

Here is a patch I am trying to identify. Same logo, two different designs, green and orange.     These...

Ground Zero Catalog with Bushwacker Players

Scanned this Ground Zero catalog yesterday during my visit with Bob Fowlie. Bushwacker players, anyone know who?  Cool gear and awesome...