Technical Trouble Shooting / Sergey Levkov custom barrel in Line SI / Montneel Threads

A neat custom barrel machined by Sergey Levkov at Technical Trouble Shooting.

An F1 Illustrator with a Lapco Nickel Plated Barrel

 The F1 Illustrator premiered at the 1990 Master tournament used by Scream (which became Aftershock after merging with the...

Vu Hoang / Desert Fox Twistlock Barrels

Two Automag Twistlock barrels custom machined by Vu Hoang at Desert Fox Paintball in San Jose.

Crossfire RamRod barrel for an ACI Griffin

The Crossfire Ramrod barrel was released around 2000 and was essentially an inefficient cage after 4 inches of usable barrel length.

Sovereign to Autococker barrel thread adapter

A neat custom adapter that allows a Sovereign semi auto to take the barrel from an Autococker. Shown on a customized Bad Boyz Toyz Sovereign.

Flex Hone a Termite Barrel Promo Photo

Bob Fowlie had this promo photo of a flex hone in a Termite barrel.

J & J Sidewinder

Produced by J and J Performance around 1990-1991, the Sidewinder was another attempt at a better performing sheridan. Featuring many of the popular aftermarket sheridan upgrades this gun was pretty short lived and (from what I have found) has only appeared twice in one issue of Paintball Sports International (June 1990 issue).