Sergey Levkov / Technical Trouble Shooting modified VM-68s of the early 1990s

Sergey Levkov on his paintball history with Lapco, Technical Trouble Shooting, his modifications on VM-68s, Tippmann SMG 60s, 68 Specials and more.

PMI 3 with serial in the 500s

A look at a PMI 3 paintball gun that has the matching feed block, side plates and trigger guard. This paintgun is likely from 1990.

Pro-Team Products VMX Kit Quick Strip

The process of quick stripping a VMX kit for the VM-68 produced by Pro-Team Products. This kit is anodized purple and features stock internals.

45 Elite Expansion Chamber Grip / Euro Frame for Mags, Cockers, VM68s

Recent information has lead to a better understanding of the history behind Pressure Point, Inc.'s 45 Elite frames for Automag, Autococker and VM68s.

Shooting a Carterized VM-68 with Paintballtek and Luke

A brief video of Luke and Tim shooting some paint through a Carterized VM-68 a couple weeks back.

Crazy James O’Claire and Paintball in China…

Crazy James O'Claire discusses his recent experience playing paintball in China with a bunch of his co-workers.

Dan Debone and an Evil Horde Minicocker

Dan Debone, former Service Manager of Palmer's Pursuit Shop, comments on Autococker and VM mods as well Palmer's first Double Barrel Semi Automatic.

Don “Bored383” Howard shows off his VM68 at Jungle Island

Don "Bored383" Howard talks a little about his totally equipped vm-68 he rocks for semi auto games. This classic paintgun is definitely post apocalyptic.

VM-68 Disassembly Video

In this video I disassembly a VM-68 I am parting out to sell.

Gaston Nogues’ Carter Machine VM68 c.1994-95

A beautiful Carter Machine Vm68 I purchased locally from the original owner Gaston Nogues. Gaston bought this VM new in the mid 90s.

A Classic PMI-3

Not the best picture, but this early PMI3 has the matched bars, trigger guard and feed block. Serial 5xx