Top Gun, NJ

A line up of classic pumps with stocks

Here are some classic pumps I had in northern California including Bushmasters, a Carter Comp and some WGP Snipers.

”Paintball Museum of History” at Top Gun Paintball

A photo from Mike Galvin Jr shows the wall of paintguns at Top Gun Paintball in the Early 1990s.

Bud Orr’s Idema Vest at Top Gun Paintball, NJ

Bud Orr's Idema vest which is shown hanging up at Top Gun Paintball in New Jersey.

[Paint]Guns that Legalized Paintball in New Jersey at Top Gun Paintball

Another wall photo from Mike Galvin Jr shows historical paintball markers shown during the early days of Top Gun Paintball.

Top Gun Paintball struggle to remain open – June 1993, APG

Top Gun Paintball's crew including Fred Dorski, Ray Gong, Rick Pullen and Mike Telarico, scanned from the June 1993 issue of APG.

Shore Patrol Patch, Top Gun Paintball, NJ

A Shore patrol Team patch that Mike Galvin sent me a photo of. Shore Patrol's hole field was Top Gun Paintball, NJ.

Orr and Gong at the 1990 Masters – Paintcheck May 1991

Bud Orr and Ray Gong are pictured at the 1990 Masters in this issue of Paintcheck from May 1991.

Photos of Top Gun NJ’s rental fleet

Mike Galvin sent me this photos he took around 20 years back of Top Gun Paintball's rental fleet. All WGP Snipers and Autocockers.

Gong’s perseverance towards Top Gun Paintball, NJ, Paintcheck July 1990

A scan from July 1990 issue of Paintcheck on an Appreciation day to Ray Gong of Top Gun Paintball.

Ray Gong of Top Gun Paintball on Youtube

In 1988 paintball guns were classified as Firearms under New Jersey law and required a permit to own and operate. Ray Gong of Top Gun Paintball NJ filed suit to challenge this law and claimed that paintguns were safe to use with the proper safety precautions taken. With the help of Bud Orr, Russel Maynard and Jessica Sparks won the right for New Jersey paintballers to own paintguns without a permit.