Steve Constable

PSI M-16 Stinger Silencer / Raincover

A neat ABS and PVC Silencer that was made for the .62 caliber Pursuit Supplies International Stinger pump paintball marker and imported from Canada.

The Constable / Gatenby FN-49 .62 cal Rifle c.1987

I shoot some older .62 caliber paint through the FN-49 rifle, given to David Freeman by Steve Constable of Pursuit Supplies International.

Steve Constable and Pursuit Supplies International c.1985-1988

Steve Constable, of New Zealand, developed early markers using alternative bulk air methods, before the introductions of pin valves.

Scorpion Elite, pictured in PSI June 1991

A new products write up for the Pursuit Supplies International Scorpion Elite, which was the second model inline blowback by PSI, similar to the 68 Special.

Pursuit Supplies International Scorpion from New Zealand

A few images of a Pursuit Supplies International Scorpion Inline blowback which I imported from New Zealand a few years back.