Sniper 1 62 caliber

Bud Orr on the WGP Sniper 1 with with Robert Lane and Jeff Randall

Bud Orr talked with Robert Lane, Jeff Randall, Tim Firpo and I on Rob's Reversible Feed WGP Sniper 1 on September 21st 2014.

Mark Bragg’s 62 Caliber Sniper 1 Serial 11

Mark Bragg sent photos of the serial on his 62 Caliber Sniper 1 over this week. The serial is "62 011."

A WGP 62 Caliber Sniper 1

A WGP 62 Caliber Sniper 1 assembled and with the bolt and barrel removed. This Sniper was made briefly in the late 80s for 62 caliber paint.