Sigma Precision, Chatsworth, California

Quick Stripping Sudden Death’s Verbeekolater Nelson pump

This video quickly shows how the VerbeekOlater pump breaks down for cleaning. This design is very similar to the later Rebline pumps.

VerbeekOlater Bore Drop Nelson based Internal Set

A look at the internals out of the VerbeekOlater pump. The bolt in this set of internals is longer than a standard bore drop bolt but would fit a Rebline.

The VerbeekOlater Nelson Pump Paintgun

Danny Guardado and Gilbert Martinez identify an unknown pump as the VerbeekOlater and start me on the "Quest" for more information on Tony and Ron Verbeek.

Sudden Death Team Photo – APG 8/1988

A Sudden Death Team photo scanned from Action Pursuit Games' August 1988 issue. This photo shows many significant early so cal paintball figures.