Tim at Paintballtek works on a Cyber 9000, 1st paintball marker with a LCD screen

The Cyber 9000 was the first paintball marker to feature a LCD screen. Wath Tim at PaintballTek as he tests one of these markers to see if it will function.

PBDA Episode 5 – Ambush, sock hats, paintball rap

Episode 5 of PBDA (Paul, Benji, Dan and Andre) where we talk about vintage autocockers, listen to Benji's Paintball Rap, and wear sock hats!

A Custom CCM Shoebox Shocker by Garett Maxwell

Anthony Granata's custom shoebox Shocker built by Garett Maxwell of CCM, prior to the G-Max. Granata and Maxwell played together on Blind Fury and Maxwell.

Cyber 9000 Ad in the PSI World Cup 1997 Program

An ad for PVI that was printed in the back of the 1997 NPPL World Cup program explains PVI's split with Smart Parts and the upcoming Cyber 9000 paintgun.

Timeline on pnueVentures’ activity in paintball and the Cyber 9000

pneuVentures' Shocker was the first mass produced production paintball marker available. PVI later prototyped the Cyber 9000, but it never make the market.

Andy ”Ynda” DuBuc on the history of the PVI, SP, Cyber 9K and the Shocker

Ynda explains the history of the Cyber 9000 and the various model of the Shocker produced by PVI and Smart Parts.