Ross Alexander

Pioneering The Sport of Paintball…The History of PMI

Jeff Perlmutter, Co-Founder & President of Pursuit Marketing, Inc. on pioneering the Sport of Paintball in the 1980s and the History of PMI.

History on the Line SI Advantage with Steve Brett

Steve "Mongo" Brett talks about the Line SI Advantage, a double action semi automatic that was released in 1990.

The Ironmen, pictured in Paintcheck 2/92 and early history

Rick Cendejas looks at the Ironmen in Paintcheck February 1992; Mike Baird and Michael Leon comment on the history of the Ironmen from 1985-87.

Shooting a sluggish double action BE-90

A short video showing the slow cycling and neat features of the double action BE-90, the most off the wall and neat looking paintgun of 1987.

The California Bushmasters at the Lone Star Open 1991

Here is a photo of the California Bushmasters at the Lively Series Lone Star Open 1991. I do not know the source of this photo.

Ross Alexander, Line SI and the Skirmish Store in Paintcheck May 1990

A scan of Ross Alexander's induction to Paintcheck's Paintball Hall of Fame. This article also shows a good group photo of the employees working with Ross.

A Line SI Barrel Plug

A Line SI barrel plug which will be perfect for staying safe when playing with an old Line SI Bushmaster.

WGP V1 Auto Nelson kit

Here is a side body shot of the WGP V1 auto nelson kit built for a Ranger or Line SI Bushmaster. This is not the more standard V2 Auto Trracer kit.

WGP’s Auto-Nelson and Line Si’s Automaster

Ross Alexander of Line SI and Bud Orr of Worr Game Products show off their semi automatic Automaster nelson conversions.