Robert Ferguson

Stock Class Carter Comp from the early 1990s

A really beautiful Stock Class Carter Comp from the early 1990s that Benji showed me a few weeks back. In this video we look over this Comp's features.

The Process of Restoring a Neglected Buzzard

A summery of the features on a neglected Carter Machien Buzzard and how I breathed some new life into a neat eBay purchase.

Full Blown Products Advertisement in June 1996 APG

Scanned from the June 1996 issue of APG, this ad shows two examples of Full Blown's custom grips that were produced throughout the early to mid 90s.

Identifying Carter Machine Autocockers

Carter Machine Autocockers came in many styles and designs. Some mods were for performance and others for aesthetics. In this write up I list what I've found.

Paul’s Carterized Stock Class Sniper 2

Paul shows off his Stock Class Sniper 2 that Earon Carter converted. Many small touch combined make this an awesome pump!

Full Blown Grips for AGD and WGP frames from Earon Carter

A couple sets of full blown grips from my collections that I pulled out. One pair will be going to Paul and the others will go on various cockers and mags.

White Full Blown Grips for an old Autococker

Carter white grips Full Blown Grips for a classic Autococker or Automag Single hole.