Rick The Prick

Brass RTP Intimidator (c.1988-1989?)

A classic RTP Intimidator that I found. Most intimidators are brass lowertubes with stainless upper tubes but this is an exception.

Removing a dent from a Stainless RTP Viper Barrel

Close up on the RTP Viper barrel after the dent was removed.  You can see a few slight marks...

Paintball Pro Shop’s RTP Viper

  I just had a customer email and ask if a standard sheridan valve will fit in RTP Vipers.  I...

Green One Arm Bandit Loader

Green molded One Arm Bandit and Fast Al belt clip with pod (Fast Al Hip Clip). Not sure is...

One Arm Bandit Harness by B-Cubed

B-Cubed was a company run by the three Bowles brothers who played on Team Viper out of Southern California.