Palmer’s new platform, The Lance Pump (or semi)

A few of the custom Lance Pumps from Palmer's Pursuit Shop that were at SPEW in March of 2015.

Modifying a Viewloader VL-90 hopper to withstand pump play

This tutorial shows a few easy modifications to modernize and overcome the flaws of a Viewloader VL-90 hopper. With these simple mods the vl-90 works great!

Bacci Mountain 2014 Recap!

Some screen captures from videos I recorded this weekend at Bacci Mountain 2014. We had around 20 players and played stock and open class pump.

Hanging with PaintballTek, shooting videos and some rare paintguns

I visited Paintball Tek Dot Com today and we cycled some neat paintguns, filled some tanks and recorded a few videos.

Dragoon Autococker, Freeflow and a Palmer Pyre

A group of pumps laid out for the Meet Up Mech Warrior game. So Cal Stock and the Meet up group played a gun game.