Paintball Mania Supplies

Paintball Mania Suppy Nitro Duck E Cocker c.1998

A better look at the Paintball Mania Supplies E cocker built on a WGP STO red to yellow fade body.

Pump UWL Practice with The Foot Clan at SC Village

Andre and I played some UWL pump practice games on saturday January 7th at SC Village with The Foot Clan.

Mark II Autococker by Mark Davis / Paintball Mania Supplies

An awesome Paintball Mania Supplies Mark II Autococker by Mark Davis. A green, gold and black splash.

Nitro Duck E Cocker on an STO body kit

Nitro Duck E cocker kit on a WGP STO Yellow to Red Fade Autococker. These kits were notorious for being a pain to tune.

Brazilian Thormax Speed Master Auto Pump c. mid 90s?

The Thormax Speed Master Auto Pump is a bizarre semi auto nelson from the mid 90s. Details are pretty scare on this unique paintgun but here's what I've found.

Old Out of Hydro Compressed Air Tanks

Old decommissioned and out of hydro Air tanks. These High pressure tanks are mostly off old Autocockers and Automags and will someday be used for display.

WGP STO Autococker

A classic 1996 or 1997 STO Autococker that I picked up a few days ago. This cocker is overall in excellent shape.

Nitro Duck, Paintball Mania Supplies and First Choice Paintballs Patches

2012-8-27-paintball-mania-patch Patches for Paintball Mania Supplies (PMS aka Nitro Duck) and PMS' first choice paint.