Paintball Connection

Long Body Lapco Spirit c.1993-94

A long body Lapco Spirit that Colin Thompson built while working at Paintball Connection for Jim Campos. Campos remember buying this from Colin.

A Unique Early Lapco Ghost with UMB Frame c. late 1989

A write up on a very unique Lapco Grey Ghost. The frame and UMB mount, for the stock, are specific to a small segment of early lapco ghost from late 1989.

Opening of Paintball Connection in 1989

A scan from December 1989 on the opening of Paintball Connection and several NW/Carter framed Ghost from later 1988 to 1989.

Colin Thompson’s Verti-Flow Anti Siphon System

Erick Lambarri provided some additional details on these unique Lapco Dual Tank systems. Erick came up with the name Verti-Flow and Colin liked it.

Youngblood and Russell Maynard at Borderlands

A photo from Colin Thompson of Dave Youngblood Dehaan and Russell Maynard at Borderlands in San Diego.