Nicky Wilson

Bob Fowlie’s custom Carter Machine Tricar

A neat look at one of the few custom Carter Machine Tricar pumps I've come across. This example, owned by Bob Fowlie of Flex-Hone, has custom ano and grips.

Gramps and Grizzly, NW and Mick Holdaway

A scan from the May 1990 issue of Paintcheck shows Mike and Lou Grubb, Nicky Wilson and Mick Holdaway at a tournament at Mick's field, Simulated Activities.

Stock Class Carterized Spitfires

Carterized stock class spitfire. Epoxied stock class feed came off. Can't find any epoxy so maybe paintball Tek dot...

NW Comps and a Silver Bullet

The earlier NW pump use a frame nearly identical to Earon Carter's early comps.