Micro Mag

Counterfeit Micromag, from Bulgaria?

This Micromag likely originated from one of Francois Louvet's companies and have several differences from PTP's Micromags including standard ball detents.

Team Sasquatch Pro-Teams Products Micromag c.1994-1995

A Team Sasquatch Micromag engraved for co-captain John Law. This Micromag was built, engraved, and used in tournaments around 1994-1995.

Introduction of the PTP / Gun F/X Micromag?

Still searching for information on the PTP Micromag. Most quotes I've found point to 1994 or 1995 but I haven't been able to find any concrete information yet.

Team Sasquatch MicroMag and Speed Stock

This PTP Micromag, set up with an Arena Arms Speed Stock, belonged to Team Sasquatch Co Captain John Law, aka Lawman.