Master Blasters

Original Termite Pump handle c.1988 from Jim “Howdy” McGuffog

A quick look at an original pump handle from Jim "Howdy" McGuffog's Termite pump.

Restored Early Carter Machine Buzzard History

Identifying a beautiful classic Buzzard and noting the subtle differences between 1989-90 model Carter Machine Buzzards and Termites.

Challenge of Champions, Lords vs Master Blasters c.1991

This Fall 1991 broadcast by SportsChannel was supposedly the first televised airing of a Paintball Tournament with the Lords playing the Master Blasters.

1991 PMI / RPS North American Paintball Championships final ranks

A list of rankings from the finals of the 1991 North American Paintball Championships. The PMI Piranhas and the Lords of Discipline took home the gold and silver.

Kevin Donaldson remembers Jim Anderson aka Capt Bo Peep

Kevin Donaldson and I filmed this short video interview about his friend and teammate, Jim Anderson, capt Bo Peep, back in 2012 at CPX.

3rd annual US to UK Tour Patch for May Mayhem Games in 1991

The 1991 Mayhem Games likely marked the first year that American teams were allowed to compete in the UK Mayhem Masters.

Kevin Donaldson, Danny Weisel and Jim Anderson in June 1990 PSM

Kevin Donaldson, Danny Weisel and Jim Anderson are pictured at the 1988 Air Pistol Open where the Master Blasters were playing against the Wild Geese.

Kevin Donaldson, of the Master Blasters on the Termite

A History of Rob "Termite" Smith's Termite Gun and Earon Carter's Buzzard. Kevin Donaldson and Earon Carter also discuss the history of the Termite Pump.

Carter Machine Widowmakers and the Termite Gun

A team photo of the Carter Machine Widowmakers that I re photographed off the floor of Earon Carter's shop.

Classic Master Blasters Team Patch

Kevin Donaldson of the Master Blasters gave me this patch at Living Legends this year. I interviewed Kevin with my flip camera about his teammate and good friend Jim Anderson, and the sale of Termites through his store ASO.