Danny Guardado of The Mafia, California Bushmaster and AGS

Danny Guardado of the California Bushmaster, Mafia and Airsmith at Adventure Games Supplies tells his story about Northern LA County Paintball History.

A better quality Mafia Team Photo

Here is a better quality photo of the Mafia team photograph which Tuty Hernandez, Gilly and Danny shared with me at our Stock Game.

Jack Wada’s 59th Birthday Game group shot!

A fantastic group photo of Jack Wada's suprise birthday party at Jungle Island with the Southern California Stock Group.

Gilbert Martinez and Mafia, pictured in APG July 1994

Gilbert Martinez, as the captain of Mafia in an APG Scan from July of 1994. His team took first at the Fields of Honor Fun Series.

Southern California Mafia Team Photo

A team photo of the Southern California Mafia sent to me by Gilbert Martinez.

Hornet by Unique Paintguns ltd c.1988-90

An overview of the Hornet pump paintgun made by Paul Vasquez of Unqiue Paintguns and team Mafia.