Scorpion Autoloader Parts Breakdown

An opened up Scorpion Autoloader showing a breakdown of nearly every piece of the Autoloader.

Cycling the Scorpion Autoloader, video (c.1994)

Paul Schreck Cycles the Kenimex Scorpion Autoloader and a little on Kenimex and the function of the semi automatic conversion valve for nelsons.

Kenimex Scorpion Autoloader Patch and Scans

Here is the patch for the Kenimex Scorpion. Kenimex manufactured the Scorpion nelson based pump and the Autoloader blow forward kit. Peter Nottelling, the owner of Kenimex posted these scans relating to the Scorpion and Autoloader from UK publications (Paintball Monthly?) and from the Scorpion and the Autoloader manuals.

The Kenimex Scorpion Autoloader, a blowforward semi nelson

The Scorpion Autoloader by Kenimex. Made in the UK this kit turned a Nelson into a blow forward semi!