KBS Eliminator

KBS Eliminator on the shelf at Mac 1 Airguns

Several photos of a KBS Eliminator I discovered on the shelf of Mac 1 Airguns. One of Gramp's and Grizzly's first creations, this was an amazing find!

KBS Eliminator featured in Command Post 1987

Here is a scan from the 3rd catalog of Command Post showing the Gramps and Grizzly's KBS Eliminator.

Gramps & Grizzly KBS Eliminator from Mac 1

Here is a better pictures of the KBS Eliminator that was on the shelf at Mac 1 on top of Mike ''Grizzly'' Grubb's Idema vest (edit: the vest was in my closet not at Mac 1).

KBS Eliminator from Mac 1

I went to visit Tim McMurray at Mac 1  Airguns today so he could review the 7 videos we...

Video showing the Classic Paintgun display from ItAintChemo

classic paintgun display for it aint chemo
Last night I was preparing the grid shelves Alex and I used to display our paintguns on today at Itaintchemo and I made the horrible quick video. I meant to mark it live this morning but somehow forgot to before I left at 5:30am....