Steve Constable and Pursuit Supplies International c.1985-1988

Steve Constable, of New Zealand, developed early markers using alternative bulk air methods, before the introductions of pin valves.

Southern California Mafia Team Photo

A team photo of the Southern California Mafia sent to me by Gilbert Martinez.

Unique Paintguns Ltd Hornet Patch (c.90?)

Here is a photo of Mike Casady's Unique Paintguns Hornet Patch.

Unique paintguns Hornet Ad, Oct. 1989 Paintcheck

A scan from the October 1989 issue of Paintcheck showing Paul Vasquez' Hornet.

Lee’s uniquely set up Hornet pump

Here is a picture that Lee Randolph sent of his Hornet Paint Guns ''Hornet.'' Lee says that the CCM Thin frame will fit on a ranger rail without any modifications.

Hornet by Unique Paintguns ltd c.1988-90

An overview of the Hornet pump paintgun made by Paul Vasquez of Unqiue Paintguns and team Mafia.

15 minutes with Gilly on Paul Vasquez’s Hornet

Gilly talks about the Unique Paintguns ltd Hornet in this video we filmed at Fall Pump Event West.

Paul Vasquez’s Hornet Pump Paintgun

Paul Vasquez's Hornet. Later style Hornet with a ranger frame. Feed is attached to pump. 19" barrel.