Glenn Palmer

Palmer’s Pursuit Shop Typhoon Switch Actuation

This video shows the actuation of a Palmer Pursuit Shop Typhoon Switch.

PPS J Slot Quicksilver on a DF converted PMI 1

An early direct feed converted PMI 1 with the Palmer Quicksilver 12 gram changer. One of the first Glenn made, this pump uses a J cut instead of a drop out.

Rick Cendejas on The Ironmen, the Intro of Semis and Tournament Play

Rick Cendejas explains his history playing with the World Championship team, the Ironmen though original captain General Rick Baird and Bob Long.

Tosh Tanaka and his Mac 1 Annihilators

Over the summer I purchased two Mac 1 Annihilators from Tosh Tanaka. A Palmerized Stroker Stan Russell Annihilator semi and a Mac 1 pump MK 1 Annihilator.

Dan DeBone’s early Palmer’s Rock Regulator

Dan Debone discusses an early Palmer's Pursuit Shop Rock Regulator which was one of the first few constructed.

Dan DeBone explains a Prototype Elite Weapon’s Battle Pump handle

Dan Debone explains an early prototype Elite Weapon's Sheridan Battle Pump handle that belonged to a fellow Dogs of War player.

Chris Van Horn’s Foxhunters’ Receipt for a 1993 Phantom

Christian Van Horn sent me this photo of a receipt for this 93 phantom from Foxhunters paintball in Castro Valley, California.

Dan Debone and an Evil Horde Minicocker

Dan Debone, former Service Manager of Palmer's Pursuit Shop, comments on Autococker and VM mods as well Palmer's first Double Barrel Semi Automatic.

Sterling Auto-Rocker Semi Automatic

A great find from across the Pond, a Sterling Auto-Rocker kit which turns the pump Sterling into a Semi Automatic.

Store Wars III at Paintball Hill, 1992

20 minutes of footage from the 1992 Store Wars game at Paintball Hill in Pope Valley California.

Lori Wilcox on the Palmer’s Tornado and the Blazer

Lori Wilcox, of Palmer's Pursuit Shop, talks about her early semi automatic nelson pistol, the Tornado as well as the early history of the Palmer's Blazer.

VL-2000 Leif Leather Hopper cover

One of the neatest hopper cover I've seen was this Leif Leather VL-2000 Leather Hopper cover Craig Palmer showed us at Palmer's Pursuit Shop.

Visiting Glenn Palmer and PPS in July 1990, Paintcheck

Tim Firpo and I visited Glenn and Craig Palmer at Palmer's Pursuit Shop today and talked to Glenn about his paintball history.

Original Palmer’s Tornado built by Glenn Palmer

Palmer's Tornado semi nelson
Took a field trip up to Palmers Pursuit Shop on Wednesday to pick up some parts and wish Craig a happy birthday. Got to take a picture of the original Tornado, one of the very first semi-auto markers ever that Glenn designed on a Nelson chassis. Also got to see some new custom work Craig is doing...exciting things are coming from PPS for sure!