Gerry Helwig

K-C Delrin Pumps for Line SI Bushmasters and Tippmann SL-68 1s and 2s

More well known for his K-C Trouble Free Oil, David Kermode, of Kermode Concepts, also produced K-C Delrin Pump handles for nelson paintguns around, c.1989.

Joel Kaufman on the Rock Regulator’s creation

Joel Kaufman describes the issues that the early 1991 Autocockers had and the fixes that a lower pressure from the Palmer's Rock Regulator provided.

Chris Van Horn’s Foxhunters’ Receipt for a 1993 Phantom

Christian Van Horn sent me this photo of a receipt for this 93 phantom from Foxhunters paintball in Castro Valley, California.

Foxhunters Brass Sniper 2 Auto Trigger

A Sniper 2 Auto Trigger kit sold by Foxhunters out of Castro Valley. This kit has "Fox" stamped on the brass sleeve which made it easy to identify.

Lori Wilcox on the Palmer’s Tornado and the Blazer

Lori Wilcox, of Palmer's Pursuit Shop, talks about her early semi automatic nelson pistol, the Tornado as well as the early history of the Palmer's Blazer.

Foxhunters’ Paintball Supply Sticker from George Scott

Here is a picture of a Foxhunters (out of Castro Valley, California) sticker that George Scott, who worked at...

B&M / OTP Micro Mini Autococker Shooting video

B&M Micro Mini Autococker
Just finished this video on the OTP / B&M Micro Mini Cocker. I recorded this back in early August but just edited it last night.

FoxHunter’s Half Block Autococker c. 1992

2012-8-31-foxhunters-scan-oct-92-paintball-mag Here is a scan showing Fox Hunters half blocked cockers from the October 1992 issue of Paintball Magazine.

Foxhunters’ Paintball, Castro Valley, CA vintage patch, c.1989-1990?

Foxhunters, out of Castro Valley, CA made early half blocks, the Double Pump and the Foxhunter Special.