Fernando Castillo

Thunder Pig Springs and Things T-Shirt with Ted “Two Guns” Hines

Ted "Two Gun" Hines talks about a Thunder Pig Springs and Things T-shirt that he purchased from the Carter Machine Shop in late 1990 or early 1991.

Ken Kidd’s Straight Nelson ASA for Line SI and Carters

Steve Mongo Brett Looks at a straight nelson asa adapter that Ken Kidd made for the Line SI advantage, Bushmaster and Carter Buzzard.

2 Early G&H Stock Class Sterlings, one Carterized

Dale "Sugarstump" Price's stock class G&H Sterling is convertible between rock forward or rock back and Fernando Castillo classic rock forward Sterling.

Restored Early Carter Machine Buzzard History

Identifying a beautiful classic Buzzard and noting the subtle differences between 1989-90 model Carter Machine Buzzards and Termites.

Fernando Castillo’s Carter Machine Sterling

A photo of Fernando Castillo's sterling which is cut in the typical Carter Machine milling style and has a neat press fit barrel.

Identifying Carter Machine Autocockers

Carter Machine Autocockers came in many styles and designs. Some mods were for performance and others for aesthetics. In this write up I list what I've found.

Giant Taso Banner – The Paintball Packin’ Possum

Giant Taso banner that shows the Paintball Packing Possum plastic off a Taso Spartan.

Carter Machine Milled ABC Autococker

A Carter Machine Autococker cut for ABC Paintball in New Jersey that will be getting a rebuild.