Fatal Swoop

Lennie Villiados, the Untouchables, Great Western Series the Reno Event

Saw this video of the Great Western Series Pro-Am Tournament on Christopher Richter's youtube channel.  At 13:30 the All...

Fatal Swoop’s homepage

Find this post on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/baccipaintball/posts/404915189579015
Looking up some information on the Untouchables (Amateur So Cal Team in the Mid 90s) I came across this old website on Fatal Swoop.

Lennie Villiados’ Taso Stock Gun – Taso Team Genesis

Here is a (bad picture of a) Taso Deluxe stock gun which came from Lenny V. Lenny played on the Untouchables, Taso Genesis, Fatal Swoop and other teams in the 90s and possibly early 2K.

Fatal Swoop and Sandana T-shirt from Lennie Villiados, early-mid 90s

A Fatal Swoop T shirt from Sandana from Lennie Villiados.