Dirk Gadberry

Short Stroke Autococker c.late 1990s

This custom cut Autococker features Short Stroke painted on the side and unique cuts on the body and back block.

Proline Automag 45 Frame with unique trigger c.1994

Proline released the Automag Auto Response frame for the Automag in 1994 along with the standard Automag 45 frame. This articles looks at one of the standard frames with a custom aluminum trigger.

Oh Mag Minimag by Oh Pawlak of Predator Paintball c.1996

Benji's Splash Oh Mag AGD Minimag by Oh Pawlak and a scan from the December 1996 Action Pursuit Games showing an Oh Mag ad.

Rick Cendejas’ Early 90’s Ironmen Autococker and Splash Minicocker

Two custom Minicockers courtesy of Rick Cendejas. An original Ironmen Autococker, and a Splash Mini that Rick built himself around late 1993 / early 1994.

Darryl Trent of the Ironmen Interview, at Store Wars III c.1992

An interview segment filmed in 1992 at Paintball Hill's Store Wars game with Darryl Trent of the Ironmen and a relevant team photo, scans and patches.