David Freeman

Airgun Design Turbo Valve engraved Sheridan Long Barrel

AGD's Turbo Valve made its way into thousands of Sheridan based PMI pump markers, but very few factory engraved Piranha Long Barrel models were produced.

PBDA Episode 5 – Ambush, sock hats, paintball rap

Episode 5 of PBDA (Paul, Benji, Dan and Andre) where we talk about vintage autocockers, listen to Benji's Paintball Rap, and wear sock hats!

Joe Survival Adventure’s History by Glenn Logie

Joe Survival began in 1983/1984, by Glenn Logie from Canada, and developed 50 caliber as an interesting off shoot of the popular 68 caliber.

Stanley Russell’s Master Blaster Elevator Gun c. 1985

This was the 1st Master Blaster pistol manufactured by Stanley Russell and Earon Carter off of Crosman Mark 1 Pellet Pistols provided by Tim at Mac 1.

The Constable / Gatenby FN-49 .62 cal Rifle c.1987

I shoot some older .62 caliber paint through the FN-49 rifle, given to David Freeman by Steve Constable of Pursuit Supplies International.

Kenneth Farrell’s Development of the F-1 Illustrator

After Farrell built the F-1, Direct Connect distributed the Illustrator and David Freeman sent me his personal F-1 which I shooting in this video.

The BE-90 by Blue Enterprises Corp, and Breakdown Videos

A scan of the BE-90 manual, photos of David Freeman's BE-90 and breakdown videos on this rare marker from Blaise "RulesOfSines" Rienzo.

Steve Constable and Pursuit Supplies International c.1985-1988

Steve Constable, of New Zealand, developed early markers using alternative bulk air methods, before the introductions of pin valves.

Joe Survival’s Mark V .50 Caliber Revolver

A look at Joe Survival's Mark V 50 repeating pistol and some of the history and other surviving example pictured around the internet.

Challenge of Champions, Lords vs Master Blasters c.1991

This Fall 1991 broadcast by SportsChannel was supposedly the first televised airing of a Paintball Tournament with the Lords playing the Master Blasters.

Tippmann History – Early SMG 60s HT6 and HT7

A closer look at release dates of the Tippmann SMG-60 and speculation on how the early SMG-60 prefixes may have played into Tippmann's early history.

A Side Tube PG for sale on Ebay

A side tube PG pistol that popped up for sale on ebay. Selling price was just over 600 and the body looks to be in excellent shape.

Promotional Tippmann SMG 60 video

A Tippmann SMG 60 Promotional video that I purchased several years back.