Dave Bassman

S.A.S. Highlanders at Conquest in Malibu, 1988

S.A.S. Highlanders team photo at Conquest in Malibu, c. 1988. Photos from the archives of Neno Jareb.

Colin Thompson on the Invention of the Bottomline ASA

Colin Thompson, of Los Angles Paintball Company was an early innovator and one creation I had no idea he was responsible for was the Bottomline ASA Duckbill.

Early Lapco History and a late Force Recon

Paul and I visited Colin Thompson and showed his this Force recon. Colin told us about the beginnings of lapco.

Sudden Death Team Photo – APG 8/1988

A Sudden Death Team photo scanned from Action Pursuit Games' August 1988 issue. This photo shows many significant early so cal paintball figures.