Cooper T

Cooper T Undershot Sheridan KP2 Bolt

Chauncy Toombs at Cooper T produced a variety of backspin bolts for various markers and this example fits the Sheridan KP2 rifle. These act similar to the flatline barrel.

Classic Automag Valve, Body and Rail highlights from October

Some of the automag parts and pieces that were added to inventory in late October 2014 including Classic Automag valves, rails and bodies.

Cooper T imp kit on a direct feed converted PMI 1

2012-9-21-cooper-t-imp-kit-sheridan Cooper T imp kit on a direct feed converted pmi 1. This will get parted out next week.

Cooper-T Sniper 2 Imp Kit (Semi auto Sniper 2)

2012-8-24-sniper-imp-kit Stephen Loman asked me to post pictures of this Cooper T Sniper to blowback kit. I bought this 5 years ago from John Yeo at Pump Pandemonium, still in the box. The Top bolt is for a P-series and the bolt on the kit is for the Sniper 2.