California Cobra

Shooting a leaking California Cobra

A quick video showing the paintball and 12 gram loading method for a leaking California Cobra. When I attempt to air it up I find a leak from the piercer.

Getting ready for stock class at Jungle Island, 6-1-13!

A quick video showing a couple Stock class paintguns I'm getting ready for our Stock game at Jungle Island tomorrow, 6-1-13.

Jack Wada remembers Gale Gough’s Aerostar West Shop

Jack Wada remembers Aerostar West's store in Southern California and so cal paintball history.

The California Cobra, Commando, Ranger and Kodiak

A longer video showing the differences between different California Cobra, Kodiak, and Commando nelson based pumps.

Short video on Woodfield Distributors’ California Cobra Pistol

A short video showing a zoom in on the California Cobra nelson based classic pistol.

The California Cobra and The Commando

The California Cobra remains a mysterious classic paintgun pistol from the mid 80s. Supposedly never actually sold, these pistol have a neat history.