Brass Eagle

Viewloader Jersey with flame pattern, c.1998/99

This Viewloader jersey with white and grey flame pattern likely dates to around the time Viewloader was purchased by Brass Eagle in the late 1990s.

Will an Eagle shoot? Brass Eagle’s first semi-auto c. 1988-89

Will Brass Eagle's Eagle cycle? In this article some of the history behind the Eagle is explained and we try shoot some paint.

Crosman / Brass Eagle trigger plate width

Some photos showing the measurements of a Crosman trigger that goes inside a Nightmare, a Poison, a Cobra and the Brass Eagle Golden Eagle.

Lou “Gramps” Grubb with the Gold Nightmare on the cover of APG

Lou Grubb, of Gramps and Grizzly, on the cover of the October 1988 Action Pursuit Games, holding the Gold Nightmare that they were given by Aldo Perrone.

Gramps and Grizzly ad – December 1990 in Paintcheck

A Gramps and Grizzly ad that was printed in the December 1990 issue of Paintcheck magazine shows the Enforcer 1, the NW Comp, BE King Cobra and the SMG60.

Gramp and Grizzlys’ Brass Eagle “Eagle”

A polished internally and externally modified Brass Eagle Eagle. Mike Grubb of Gramps and Grizzly tried everything to get this Brass Eagle Eagle cycling.

Shooting a Classic CCI Crosman Framed Phantom

A video on shooting an early Crosman framed Phantom and some of the brief history on these early Phantoms.

Call Tim @ (Paintball TEK dot COM)

A satirical commercial that Tim Firpo and I put together for Paintball Tek dot com.

Brass Eagle “Eagle” Semi scan from BE catalog c. 1988?

A quick photo of an eagle Brass Eagle catalog showing the Eagle.