1992 Store Wars III

Gary Bennett on safety, his referees and players part 2

Safety, referees and other topic from Paintball Hill's owner, Gary Bennett, in this 1992 interview.

Gary Bennett on Paintball Hill and Store Wars 3 part 1

Gary Bennett of Paintball hill talks about his annual Store Wars game and the recognition Paintball Hill has been receiving.

Chris Haggin of Pacific Paintball at Store Wars 1992

Chris Haggin of Pacific Paintball and Kapp discusses some information on paintball players in an early interview from Paintball Hill's Store Wars, 1992.

Richard Mansfield of Pacific Paintball at Store Wars 1992

Richard Mansfield is interviewed at Paintball Hill's Store Wars, c. 1992. He is the brother of Chris Haggin and was co owner of Kapp and Pacific Paintball.

Blue Jeff Orr Custom Sniper 3

A neat custom Sniper 3 supposedly cut by Jeff Orr and debuted at the 94 masters then sold to Chris Haggin of Pacific Paintball.