Thruster Regulator for Air Power Vector c.1995-96

A one handed disassembly of the Air Power Thruster regulator that was offered with the Vector semi automatic paintball gun in the mid 1990s.

Niche Paintball’s Vector Pump Paintball Marker

Robert Lane and Jeff Randall talk about Niche Paintball's Vector Paintball marker which is currently available as a pump but will soon be sold as a semi.

Air Power Vector Parts in an a yellow box

A box of stock parts for Air Power Vectors. This is the stock kit that Air Power sold as a parts box. I've only seen a few of these Vector Parts Boxes.

Prototype Vector engraved, Mr. Bungle

A prototype Air Power Vector I purchased in 2005 from a seller in New Jersey. The seller originally purchased it from Gino at NPS.

Push Button Vector Safety

A neat alternative to the flip switch safety and barrel reset mechanism on a vector.

Air Power Vector with BOA Barrel

The Air Power Vector arrived in the mail today and has an attached BOA barrel.