The Good the Bad and the Deadly

Rick Cendejas’ Ironmen Line SI Bushmaster c.1988

Rick Cendejas and Michael Baird talk about an old Line SI Bushmaster, which Rick fabricated a diagonal pump handle for and used around 1988 on the Ironmen.

Chris Iaquinta on the Old School Paintball Big Game

Chris Iaquinta talks about the November 8th Old School Paintball Big Game and his plans for upcoming games in the near future.

GBD Silkscreened camo shirt from Glenn Forster

This camo shirt came from Glenn Forster. It likely dates to the early 1990s and was silk screened for GBD.

Identifying the Ironmen in the January 1988 issue of Front Line

Mike Baird, Rick Cendejas and Michael Leon identify Ironmen players in the January 1988 issue of Front Line Magazine.

Joe Comstock, of Havok and GBD, on Tactics – Air Pistol Combat

Joe Comstock explains photos of Tactics - Air Pistol Combat that were printed in the premiere issue of Action Pursuit Games.