Thad Drum

Will an Eagle shoot? Brass Eagle’s first semi-auto c. 1988-89

Will Brass Eagle's Eagle cycle? In this article some of the history behind the Eagle is explained and we try shoot some paint.

Tippmann Helhound / Hell Survivors / Tippmann World Challenge Game 2010

Here is a photo I took on September 24th, 2010 while at Hell Survivors Tippmann Challenge Game with Thad...

Speedball at SC Village and Splattball City in Detroit

Coverage of an early Speedball tournament at SC Village and a tournament at Splattball city in Detroit are covered in the March 1990 issue of Paintcheck.

WGP Ammo box with standard size neck

Weltman showed me an ammo box two years ago with a standard feedneck size. I finally found one in a random box of gear off ebay.