Team Strange

Oh Mag Minimag by Oh Pawlak of Predator Paintball c.1996

Benji's Splash Oh Mag AGD Minimag by Oh Pawlak and a scan from the December 1996 Action Pursuit Games showing an Oh Mag ad.

RKB Engineering’s Green Machine Minicocker c.92-94?

The history on RKB Engineering Green Machine Minicockers and a look at an early example owned by a Doom Troopers player, with info from Russell Breeden.

Russell Breeden’s RKB Aluminum Autococker 3 Ways and Rams

Russell Breeden, of RKB Engineering, explains the earliest aftermarket 3 ways and Rams that he designed and Keith Roll shows and example on his minicocker.

1995 Team Strange World Cup and Pittsburgh Amateur Open Photos

Robert Peterson, of Team Strange, helped identify photos, memorabilia and logos relating to the team from the mid 90s.

Russell Breeden Team Strange Mini Sniper

A super custom mini sniper built by Russell Breeden of the Doom Troopers and sold to Robert Peterson of Team Strange.