Team AGS Nelson with Hypertech Bore Drop Internals

A look at a Bore Drop Team AGS pump paintgun I found last year. The included Hypertech internals along with other high end parts made a competitive package.

Taso Back Block with Cocking Rod Cage – mid 1990s

A look at a Taso back block from the mid to late 1990s that incorporates a cocking rod cage into the design.

Taso Autococker Advertisement – January 1995

Dissection of a TASO ad featuring one of the Taso Signature Series Autocockers and other period accessories from 1994 to early 1995.

The Rat Attack 12 Gram Changer and the Texas Boonie Rats

The Rat Attack 12 gram bucket changer was first developed by the Texas Boonie Rats players Sam Harrison and M.C. Levey in the late 1980s.

The BE-90 by Blue Enterprises Corp, and Breakdown Videos

A scan of the BE-90 manual, photos of David Freeman's BE-90 and breakdown videos on this rare marker from Blaise "RulesOfSines" Rienzo.

Line SI Brass Feedneck for Nelspot or Sheridan

Randy Kamiya sent me several photos of one of the items that contributed to his start working at the Skirmish Store, a Line SI Brass Feedneck.

Shooting a sluggish double action BE-90

A short video showing the slow cycling and neat features of the double action BE-90, the most off the wall and neat looking paintgun of 1987.

David Craig and the Landshark

David Craig of Adventure Game Supplies shows off his Landshark pump. AGS Airsmith, Danny Guardado, remembers back to Taso and AGS and offers some insight.

Giant Taso Banner – The Paintball Packin’ Possum

Giant Taso banner that shows the Paintball Packing Possum plastic off a Taso Spartan.

WGP STO Autococker

A classic 1996 or 1997 STO Autococker that I picked up a few days ago. This cocker is overall in excellent shape.

Taso Deluxe Stock Gun

A Taso deluxe Stock Gun I found on mcb. The vertical cuts on the feed tube were supposedly done by Carter Machine.

Taso Lightning (F1 Illustrator Clone)

A cheap alternative to the F1, Taso's Lightning was regarded as one of the worst early semi automatic paintguns.

Indoor City Paintball in Gardena, California

Anyone able to travel back in time? If so I have some free passes to Indoor City Paintball in Gardena, California you can use.