Long Body Lapco Spirit c.1993-94

A long body Lapco Spirit that Colin Thompson built while working at Paintball Connection for Jim Campos. Campos remember buying this from Colin.

Lapco Force Recon from the Early 1990s

A look a one of Colin Thompson's Lapco Force Recon pump paintball markers from the early 1990s. This pump is breech drop and electric sky blue.

Shooting the Lapco AutoSpirit

A shooting video of the Lapco AutoSpirit semi automatic Nelson based paintgun that I recorded back in 2012. The Lapco Autospirit was likely built in 1994.

Various Lapco Flutted Hammers for Nelsons in Brass and Stainless

A collection of Lapco Flutted hammers for nelson based pumps in brass and stainless.

Lapco AutoSpirit – Semi Automatic Nelson

A Lapco autospirit which is actually pretty fun to shoot.

Two Classic Lapcos, a ghost and a spirit

Two classic lapco pumps, a ghost and a Spirit. Both in used shape so I decided to part them out.