Niche Paintball

Niche Paintball’s Vector Pump Paintball Marker

Robert Lane and Jeff Randall talk about Niche Paintball's Vector Paintball marker which is currently available as a pump but will soon be sold as a semi.

The Niche Element Pump with David Ahdoot

David Ahdoot shoots some paint through his Niche Element Pump Paintball marker at Ambush Paintball park.

Mean Gene on the Slice Pump Kit from Autocockerparts

The Slice Pump Kit, from Autocockerparts, is a configurable kit that allows users to change lengths, colors and offers a super smooth pump stroke.

Bud Orr on the WGP Sniper 1 with with Robert Lane and Jeff Randall

Bud Orr talked with Robert Lane, Jeff Randall, Tim Firpo and I on Rob's Reversible Feed WGP Sniper 1 on September 21st 2014.