Mike Casady

Timeline on pnueVentures’ activity in paintball and the Cyber 9000

pneuVentures' Shocker was the first mass produced production paintball marker available. PVI later prototyped the Cyber 9000, but it never make the market.

TVL Automag featured in Paintball Mag 11/1995

"SPLASHSeen at TVL, this Automag has an aluminum body, an Elite 45 grip, an Armson barrel, and a Unireg...

Shooting a Classic CCI Crosman Framed Phantom

A video on shooting an early Crosman framed Phantom and some of the brief history on these early Phantoms.

A Southern Pneumatics / No Hot Shots Regulator

A Southern Pneumatics / No Hot Shots regulator from Eric Scott with a Phantom Revolution seal sitting on top.

Mike Casady and Dan discussing paintball history

Dan and Mike Casady discuss paintball history in front of the classic paintgun wall at Supergame 45.

Unique Paintguns Ltd Hornet Patch (c.90?)

Here is a photo of Mike Casady's Unique Paintguns Hornet Patch.

Mike Casady’s vintage photos

Mike Casady showed us this pile of old photographs on our trip to CCI.

Rudy’s Urban Camo Phantom Revolution

Rudy shows off this super nice urban camo anodized phantom Revolution he bought from Mike Casady at Super Game 45.